PRI and Body Posture

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The human body is not balanced. The anatomical systems are not the same on the left side of the body as they are on the right. Each side has different functions and responsibilities. For example, a large number of people who clench or grind do so because of poor alignment on one side of their mouth.

Postural Restoration

The primary focus of PRI Treatment is in recognizing and adjusting patterns found in the body. The symmetry, or lack thereof, of our muscles and joints influences the way we sit, stand, walk, breathe, and even sleep. Asymmetry in our bodies results in one side compensating for the other. This compensation leads to abnormal wear and tear on our bodies resulting in pain and suffering. By addressing the underlying postural patterns, we can not only treat the negative symptoms, such as pain or injury, but also the underlying root cause.

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Lateral Posterior Teeth Sensory Awareness

Occlusal appliances, or appliances used to correct one’s bite, allow the teeth to glide easily over the biting surface. These are acrylic splints that allow the patient to be guided in both side to side and forward to backward movement of the lower jaw correctly. These splints allow the jaw to move without putting stress on the neck or head as this tension leads to increased clenching and grinding.

Mandibular Appliance Benefits

A patient that presents headaches and bruxism, or excessive clenching and grinding, but no jaw joint or neck issues may need proper protection for the teeth through the use of a full-coverage acrylic appliance. The appliance is fit for the upper teeth and is worn at night. The appliance is fabricated to allow for a smooth glide of the jaw, as well as palatal freedom. It also allows for sensory awareness and rest for the tongue as the palate will not be covered with acrylic. The front teeth will lightly sit on the bottom encouraging the head to sit backwards rather than protruding forward.

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