Facial Growth and Development

Our role is more than just taking care of your teeth. It is our goal to monitor and guide the growth and development of your face. Facial growth is the sum of the individual growth of each bone which comprises the face. There are several influences which can cause an unequal growth of a face and this imbalance may affect your health and appearance. A normal balanced face is the result of more than just bone growth; it is the balance of normally functioning muscles, proper nutrition, and the ability to breathe normally. Scientific literature and studies have shown that when these delicate balances are altered, changes in health and appearance occur.

Our promise to our patients:

  • A pleasing face which equals optimal esthetics
  • A beautiful “full smile”
  • A normal and functional bite
  • No TMJ problems
  • No sleep disordered breathing
  • A lifetime of oral health


Over time the Alternative Lightwire Functional (ALF) appliance unlocks the distorted bones of the skull, corrects the shape of the dental arches, and creates room to realign the teeth without having to extract teeth. These corrections have produced unexpected improvement in body balance and alignment. As treatment progresses, patients have stated that they finally feel comfortable in their physical body.

The ALF is a better appliance than braces for correcting tooth crowding because the ALF will create just enough room for the tongue and the teeth to fit in the mouth. The ALF also results in the jaw being the shape of the tongue rather than the arbitrary shape of a wire. The ALF expansion stops when the tongue stops pushing outward on the appliance. As if it were magic, the human mouth is designed to be large enough to fit all the teeth and tongue – naturally when teeth have enough room to fit, so does the tongue. This is the way things were naturally intended to be.

The ALF has also been shown to reverse the effects of poor facial development, facial damage caused by traumatic birth, some TMJ pain, and pain and facial damage caused by aggressive retractive extraction orthodontics. The ALF can also correct facial asymmetries, produce palatal expansion, and open the airway. Tongue tie and sleep apnea can also be treated with ALF dental appliance.


Myobrace treatment is simple and effective. It does not involve wearing braces or using complex and uncomfortable dental appliances all day long. Wearing a Myobrace appliance for one to two hours each day and while sleeping, combined with a few simple yet effective exercises each day is all it takes for a real change to occur, and to avoid needing braces in most cases.

The Myobrace appliances are used to improve the oral habits that cause poor dental development (known as myofunctional habits), while also providing light forces to align the teeth into their natural position.

The Myobrace System is suitable for a wide variety of orthodontic concerns, with a range of solutions available for most patients. One of the most important aspects of Myobrace treatment is correcting bad oral habits, and getting patients to breathe through their nose. Along with improving the alignment of the teeth, breathing through your nose can also lead to improved overall health.



Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Therapy (SFOT) is an advanced procedure that pinpoints the underlying problems of insufficient alveolar bone and compromised arch forms to optimally enhance functional and aesthetic concerns. Malocclusions with insufficient alveolar bone have traditionally been treated orthodontically by removal of permanent teeth. This doesn’t address the constricted arch form that can negatively affect function, aesthetics, and the critically important airway.

SFOT has additional benefits:

  • Engineers new tissue to provide a more robust and expanded arch form for the teeth to reside instead of resorting to extractions of teeth to fit the existing compromised arch
  • Enables ideal tooth position for optimal occlusion
  • Enables ideal tooth position for optimal restorative dentistry (virtually planned)
  • Implant site development/planning through augmentation and tooth movement
  • Enhances aesthetics through optimizing dental relationships and arch forms
  • Maximizes orthodontic possibilities
  • Minimizes the number of surgeries by combining:
    • Grafting of hard and soft tissue
    • Addressing altered eruption as performed in aesthetic crown lengthening
    • Placing orthodontic anchorage
    • Correcting osseous defects
    • Removing tori and exostoses
    • Extracting deciduous and permanent teeth
    • Placing dental implants


The Bent Wire System (BWS) is a light-wire appliance that offers additional arch development. The BWS is effective in gaining anterior arch development when used in conjunction with select appliances from the Myobrace and Trainer systems.

Although there are numerous appliances, fixed and removable, that can be used for arch expansion, few are suitable to use with the trainer system.

The BWS allows arch development and anterior dental alignment to be combined without encroaching on the natural position of the tongue. Therefore, the force of the tongue can be used in the treatment allowing the BWS to use very light forces.