sleep better with help from airway dentist

Sleep Better with help from Raleigh-Durham Airway Dentists

Sleep apnea plagues millions of Americans. Its most common symptom is snoring, although many sufferers remain unaware of their condition until receiving an official diagnosis. You may be left feeling fatigued, forgetful, or easily irritable when living with an untreated sleep-breathing disorder. That’s what insufficient sleep does to you, among other health-related issues. If these …

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healthy tongue healthy life

Healthy Tongue, Happy Life

Whether you know it or not, our tongues play a major part in dental alignment and the appearance of our faces. A big, beautiful, wide smile with straight teeth is unlikely for someone who has untreated tongue-tie because the condition, medically known as Ankyloglossia, prevents the upper jaw and mid-face from developing properly—but an unhealthy …

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the deal with tmj

What’s the Deal with TMJ?

Here’s a stat that will make your jaw drop: Millions of adults suffer from frequent pain in their face, such as headaches, earaches, and jaw pain. The possible cause could be related to the temporomandibular joints on each side of your head, commonly known as TMJ. These joints work together with your facial muscles, making …

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