Airway Assessments

Airway Assessments

airway assessment

We assess our patients using a structural, functional, and behavioral approach. In order for us to obtain all of the data we need to properly evaluate each patient, address their concerns, and provide the best outcomes we must do a thorough evaluation of the patient.

This thorough Airway Assessment appointment is an opportunity for us to collect pertinent data which gives us all of the information we need to assess facial, head, neck and nasal structure, tongue and swallow function as well as sleep and breathing behaviors. This data will help us to develop the most comprehensive treatment plan with the most successful outcome in mind.

airway assessment

At the Airway assessment appointment, we will be collecting data in the following forms;

  • CBCT Cone Beam Radiological Assessment – This is used to evaluate the growth and development of the head, neck and face and the structural development of nasal cavity and airway.

  • Photographs – We take a variety of photographs to look at intraoral and extraoral structures, as well as evaluate for symmetry and alignment. In addition, the photographs provide us with insight on how the face and dental arches have grown and whether or not dental breakdown is present.

  • Videos – We take a total of three videos to assess function. The first video is taken while the patient is walking to evaluate balance and how the body moves as a whole. The second video is taken while the patient is chewing to see how the teeth come together, how the tongue manages food, and how the oral cavity muscles are working. Lastly, we take a video while the patient is swallowing to evaluate the swallow pattern and muscle activation.

  • Posture Grid Photos – Posture Grid Photos show us how the body structure is aligned. The structure, function, and behavior is directly connected to the body’s alignment and overall physical health.

  • Tongue Tie Assessment – Sleep and breathing dysfunction is directly related to structural concerns of the head and face. One major structural dysfunction is the presence of a tongue tie, or a thick piece of tissue that binds the tongue to the floor of the mouth. We perform an intraoral evaluation to determine if a tongue tie is present.

  • Myofunctional Assessment – A Myofunctional Assessment consists of intraoral, extraoral, and airway exams to determine whether or not the tongue and orofacial muscles are functioning properly.

  • Behavioral Breathing Assessment – We utilize sleep assessment devices, such as HRPO or WatchPAT, to pinpoint dysfunctional sleep patterns and breathing, as well as overall autonomic nervous dysfunction. Our patients will take one of these devices home to evaluate their sleep for at least three nights.

Airway assessment appointment will be approximately 90 mins long. Primary agenda for these assessments are to collect data.

Upon completing all necessary assessments, our team will collaborate using all of the data collected and develop the best treatment plan from a structure, function and behavior standpoint. Once a treatment plan is prepared, an appointment will be scheduled with each patient to present our findings and suggested plan of action.

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